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I was born a sharecropper’s son during the Great Depression. After Dad had a heart attack, we left the farm and moved 26 times during my 17 years at home, as Dad tried to find jobs to support the family. One of my English teachers told me I should be a writer, but I wanted to be an electronics engineer. The Navy trained me in electronics.

I became an instructor and a technical writer. I made a living writing technical manuals the rest of my life. As I told stories to my children and grandchildren about places we had been and the variety of things we had seen and done, they kept telling me to ‘write it down.’ I wrote many stories, but they kept hounding me to put them into a book. I finally rewrote and reorganized some of the stories into a book. Since there were more stories than I could fit into one book, I am working on a second book.

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