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Old Geezer’s Tech Writing Tips

October 8, 2014
Here is the Introduction to my new book, “Old Geezer’s Tech Writing Tips.” The book is available only on Kindle for 99 cents. The tips can be beneficial for most writing, not just technical writing. Any of my books can be obtained from Amazon at:

During 45 years in technical writing, I think I learned a few things. Before I left the field, I saw younger technical writers struggling with some of the same problems I had struggled with. As a contractor, I spent most of my time trying to be productive, rather than share my experience.
It is time to share things I learned in order to simplify someone else’s job. This is a small document. It is not meant to teach anyone technical writing, only to try to simplify the job of writing technical documents and help the writer become more productive.

When I was considering a title for this little guide, I thought of what a friend calls me. This friend calls me an “Old (four-letter word),” which means a “gaseous substance.” I decided to use the words, “Old Geezer” instead.

The definition of an old geezer is a man who is very elderly, which I am. Many times, an elderly person is considered a “stick-in-the-mud” or a person who cannot adapt to change, which I am not. I have always looked for simpler or easier ways to do my job.

I have always said that I am a naturally lazy person, so tried to find ways to make my job easier. Sometimes I would adapt to a different way based on something others showed me. Other times, I came up with another way that seemed easier for me.

I know these tips made my job easier and allowed me to be more productive. I could probably have named this little book, “A Lazy Person’s Tech Writing Tips.” I loved my life as a technical writer and believe in the ‘job’ as a career. I hope this little guide helps others and that they, in turn, will share their own ideas with fellow technical writers.


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