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March 21, 2013

This is an excerpt from my second book, “Memory Harvest of a Sharecropper’s Son,” which is now available in Amazon Kindle format and in printed format. This story is about some of my experiences.

When I first got out of the Navy, I helped a local Ham operator in Snyder, Oklahoma as a storm chaser. I stood up my wife-to-be while chasing storms a couple of times and she developed distaste for Ham radio. I never renewed my license because my wife did not like Ham radio.

I began working in Lawton, Oklahoma for a furniture/appliance dealer installing television antennas or whatever. They also owned a small telephone company in a small town nearby. I began climbing telephone poles for them before leaving to go to Civil Service.

I worked as a Civil Service radar technician at Fort Sill and then left Civil Service for a contract job with RCA teaching radar classes at Fort Sill.

I transferred with RCA to Grand Bahama Island to track missiles in the early days of the missile program in 1958. I moved my wife and two children into a three-room shack on the island, with kerosene lamps, hand pump for water and an outhouse, because the company and government did not support families downrange. I walked about a mile to the missile-tracking base and ran off a pack of wild dogs almost daily during that walk. We lived under those conditions for two years before moving into Florida, still working on contract in the space program. I transferred to Goddard Space Flight Center near Washington, DC for a year before leaving RCA.

I was active as a Scouter with both the Cub and Boy Scout programs for about 10 years in Florida, Maryland and Texas.

I coached Little League baseball for three years in Florida.

I coached Junior Bowling for nearly 20 years in Florida and Texas.

I bowled in semi-pro bowling tournaments for a couple of years in Texas.

I spent 45 years of my working life as a technical writer, most of it on contract, rather than working direct for companies. While contracted to one company, I was sent to Stockholm, Sweden for three weeks. Another company sent me to Montreal, Canada for one week. I traveled throughout the missile tracking islands as far south as Antigua many times and from coast to coast several times while contracting my services.


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