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Surprise Birthday Party

March 13, 2013

This is an excerpt from my second book, “Memory Harvest of a Sharecropper’s Son,” which is now available in Amazon Kindle format and in printed format. This story is about a surprise birthday party.

My wife and children surprised me with a 75th birthday party in Fort Worth, Texas. My birthday was actually five days before the surprise party.

Two great-grandchildren spent part of the week during spring break with us. They had to be taken back home on Saturday, because the parents had to be in Fort Worth and could not come get them. Another grandson, Steven, who had a new child since the last time we had seen them would be there on that Saturday also. That was enough reason to drive to Fort Worth.

My oldest son, Bill, managed a large bowling center in Fort Worth. Arrangements were made to meet there. According to Billie, we would drive down and back the same day. Because of her health, we always carried extra medication, oxygen and things needed to spend the night if necessary, but Billie kept saying we would drive back home so she could sleep in her own bed. I never suspected a thing.

We arrived at the bowling center shortly after noon and sat down at a table at one end of the center outside of Bill’s office. Steven brought his little son to see the great-grandparents. About that time, one of Bill’s employees came up pushing a wheelchair. She was playing the part of a sexy, blonde nurse. She said she was told I had to ride in the wheelchair because of my age. A granddaughter, Kimberley, handed me a badge with the statement “Older than dirt.”

I thought Bill was playing a gag and trying to embarrass me. Never one to ignore a chance for a laugh, I sat down in the wheelchair and the ‘nurse’ began rolling me down the concourse. As strangers looked puzzled at me, I waved the badge and said, “I’m only 75 and they are telling me I am older than dirt.” I still thought it was just a gag to embarrass me.

The ‘nurse’ turned into a meeting room with a group of people standing around. I didn’t now what to think. Suddenly, everyone began singing “Happy Birthday” and I saw my brother, three sisters, children, grandchildren/great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews and many cousins. A total of 48 relatives were present

It was a real surprise, including a paid night at a nearby Fort Worth hotel. My siblings took Billie and me to dinner that evening and our oldest son and fiancée took us to breakfast the next morning before we drove home to Milburn.

A day or so later, Jayme called and let her kids talk to us. As Alexus was talking to Billie, I got on the phone and told her I was mad at her. She wanted to know why. I told her because she knew something when they were up here for spring break and did not tell me. She said, “They told me not to tell you, so I didn’t.”

I then dropped my voice to a lower tone and said, “It’s not nice to fool Father Nature.” Alexus immediately replied, “It’s not Father Nature, it’s Mother Nature and you are not her.”


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