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Jury Duty

March 9, 2013

This is an excerpt from my second book, “Memory Harvest of a Sharecropper’s Son,” which is now available in Amazon Kindle format and in printed format. This story is about one time I was called for jury duty.

After moving back into Florida, I was technical writing in the space program at Cape Canaveral when few people had heard of technical writing. When I was called for jury duty, one of the questions the first attorney asked was, “What is your occupation?”

“Technical Writer,” I replied. The attorney asked a few more questions and moved to the next person.

As the other attorney reached me for questioning, he looked at everyone in the courtroom and grinned, then asked, “Could you tell us, just what a Technical Rider rides?”

I answered, “I write technical manuals.”

The attorney’s face turned red and he moved to the next person without asking me any other questions.

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