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Funnies said and done by children of friends

March 1, 2013

This is an excerpt from my second book, “Memory Harvest of a Sharecropper’s Son,” which is now available in Amazon Kindle format and in printed format. This story is funny things I picked up from friends.

Friends posted the following on Facebook:

Little missy is standing beside me and toots loudly. I tell her that if she needs to do that she needs to step in the other room. She stomps off yelling, “I just have really bad allergies.”


A friend told me that her four-year old grandson was spending the night. She got up to go to the bathroom and turned the hall light on to see her way. The hall light shines into the boy’s open bedroom door. The boy says, “I’m not a light sleeper. I’m a dark sleeper. Please turn off that light.”

Conversation between Christie and her daughter, Caiti:

Caiti: “Mommy, are you cranky at me and Coop for having to clean our rooms and the mess?”

Christie: No Caiti, but you both need to learn to pick up after yourselves.”

Caiti: “But Mommy, we just want to play with our things.”

Christie: “That’s OK, just pick it up.”

Caiti: “But Mommy, we like messy rooms.”

Christie’s thoughts: “Ohhh, the things she comes up with!”


Christie said, “Last night Caitlin comes out of her room with her new T-ball bat, glove and helmet wearing a lime green fairy costume minus the wings and her boots. She said, ‘I’m ready to play ball.’ Cooper who’s sitting in the floor looks at her with disgust and said, ‘Your not playing in that dress.’ Her response was, ‘Yes I am, with you!’ (They are on the same T-ball team.) It’s going to be a fun season!”


A friend in east Texas told me this one about one of their grandchildren:

A preacher was going to baptize some people following the preaching service. The baptistery was located behind the pulpit. When he does a baptismal service, he allows people to come up on the rostrum to see the baptism up close. This time, his three-year old grandson comes up and watches also. After the baptism of several people was over, everyone goes back to their seats, including the grandson.

On the ride home, the three-year old asks his grandmother, “Why did PawPaw dwown those people?”

The grandmother said, “He wasn’t drowning them, he was baptizing them.”

“What is babatizing, Nana?”

At the age of three, that is quite a question to try to explain. What the grandmother said was, “When a person believes in Jesus and asks Jesus to forgive them of their sins, the baptism washes away the sins.”

The three-year old then said, “Okay, the sins go down the dwain.”


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