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Great-grandson Austin

February 27, 2013

This is an excerpt from my second book, “Memory Harvest of a Sharecropper’s Son,” which is now available in Amazon Kindle format and in printed format. This story is about my great-grandson, Austin.

Austin is Jayme’s third child, born in 2005. He began wanting to come stay with us when Alec and Alexus would be here. Billie told him he could not come until he was out of diapers. Finally, he told his granny that he was a big boy now because he was wearing pull-ups. He then began coming to stay with us when the other two stayed. Alec and Alexus had been staying with us since they were real little, so knew our rules.


When Austin saw the portable potty setting next to our bed, he asked me, “Why do you have a toilet in your bedroom?” I told him that his granny could not walk from the bed to the bathroom, so I had the portable potty next to the bed so she could just get up and use it without walking to the bathroom. Austin then asked me, “How do you flush it? Where does the water come from?”

I then showed him that I take the portable pot out of the potty chair and take it to the bathroom. Austin said, “Gross!” Later Alec, Alexus and Austin were all outside riding their scooters. I was sitting on the swing watching them. As they got tired, they came over and sat down by me.

Since Austin had asked about the potty chair and I had mentioned that we did not grow up with indoor plumbing, the kids asked a few questions about our younger days, just as all of the grandkids have in the past. I told them about how we grew up without electricity, no TV and no indoor plumbing. They asked what we did about going to the bathroom. I told them we had a little building outside called a toilet. That is where we went. They thought that was gross.

Here is a recent conversation Austin had with his mother, Jayme:

Austin: “I wish Jesus would hurry and come back”

Jayme: “Why, Sunshine?”

Austin: “So I can see him…and I want to ask him how Granny and GG are doing up there.” Granny was my wife Billie and GG was his father’s grandmother, who had died after Billie died.

Jayme: “You know when Jesus comes back He’s taking us up there with Him”

Austin: “OK, but I like my skin and don’t want to lose it. Do angels have skin cuz ghosts don’t?”

Jayme:  “I’m so grateful and thankful for my children and the faith and love they have in their hearts.”


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