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Great-grandson Kaine

February 24, 2013

This is an excerpt from my second book, “Memory Harvest of a Sharecropper’s Son,” which is now available in Amazon Kindle format and in printed format. This story is about my great-grandson, Kaine.

Kaine is the first born son of Ricky and Nikki and was born in 2007. It was always a great pleasure to see Kaine and his younger brother, Devin, when I stopped to see their grandmother, Sue. I have accumulated a few funny things from Nikki and Kimberley about Kaine.

Conversation between 16-year old Kimberley and Kaine:

Kaine: “Kimmie, am I a cutie pie?”

Kimberley: “No.”

Kaine: “Yes I am.”

Kimberley: “Well then why did you ask?”

Conversation between Ricky’s wife, Nikki, and Kaine:

Kaine: “How did the baby get in your tummy?”

Nikki: “I don’t know. Go ask your Daddy.”

Kaine: “You don’t know, Mom? I thought you knew everything.”

Kaine goes and asks Ricky.

Ricky: “Did you ask your Mom?”

Kaine: “Yes, she don’t know.”

Ricky: “You are too young to know about that.”

Nikki is standing in the room laughing.

Conversation between Nikki and Kaine:

Nikki: “Umm, who dialed 911 from my phone?”

Kaine: “Me. Why, are they here?”

Nikki: “No Kaine, but you can’t just dial that number. It’s for emergencies only!” Proud and scared at the same time.


Sue tried on glasses she had five years ago and new ones. Then she asked Kaine which ones look better. Kaine said, “The new ones.” Sue asked why and Kaine said, “Because they show off your eyes.” As Sue said, “A ‘from the mouths of babes’ moment.”

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