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Grandson Michael

February 22, 2013

This is an excerpt from my second book, “Memory Harvest of a Sharecropper’s Son,” which is now available in Amazon Kindle format and in printed format. This story is about my grandson, Michael.

Michael was born to Jay and Donna about 18 months after Jeremy. I do have much about Michael when he was very young, but a few things as he grew up. After we moved to Oklahoma, Jay and Donna would come visit and Michael would be with them. Michael walked away from our house going east on our street. At some point, he turned a corner and a few minutes later was lost in our little town of 300 people. He finally got back to the house and told his granny that he had been lost. Billie asked him how he could get lost in this little town.


Sometimes I thought Michael was afraid of his own shadow. Michael was here with Jay and Donna. Jay and I were at the computer working on something when he came running in.

“Granddad, there are ghosts in your house,” he said.

“What are you talking about?”

“While I was in the bathroom, I heard a ghost sound. I looked around and saw the ghost floating across in the room,” he replied.

I laughed. We had a battery-powered deodorizer in the bathroom that sprays a fine mist straight out about every 30 minutes. A person can hear the “shushing” sound as it sprays and if you happen to be looking at just the right time, you can see the mist moving through the air.

I explained it to him and showed him the deodorizer.

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