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Granddaughter Amber

February 20, 2013

This is an excerpt from my second book, “Memory Harvest of a Sharecropper’s Son,” which is now available in Amazon Kindle format and in printed format. This story is about my granddaughter, Amber.

Amber became our granddaughter when Ken married Katrena in 1989. Amber had effectively already been our granddaughter since she was about three years old. She was and is a beautiful girl and was a star soccer player in school in addition to being a top scholar. Billie kept Amber most of the time the first few years while Katrena worked.

We were bowling with Ken and Katrena in Garland during that time and I arranged a ride to work on bowling days. Billie would bring Amber with her and pick me up at work. If it happened to be raining, I would run to the car saying that I melt in the rain because I am sweet as sugar. Amber appeared to believe me, at that age. Later, after Brittany was born, she explained to Brittany that I was not sweet as sugar.

Amber knew the words to many of the country/western songs on the radio and would sing along with them. She talked all the time to either Billie or me. One night after bowling, we were going to eat at IHop with Ken and Katrena and Amber decided to ride with us. As we got ready to go, Amber asked Billie, “Do you two have anything important to say to each other?” Billie said, “No, why do you ask.” Amber replied, “I thought I would be quiet for a little while and give you a chance to talk to each other.”


Since my hobby has been Magic or sleight-of-hand for most of my life, I always entertained the children and grandchildren with tricks. Once, five-year old Amber asked me to show her a trick. I had a rubber band, so proceeded to apparently break the rubber band. Then I said the magic word, Alakazam, and the rubber band was restored; not broken.

Amber asked for the rubber band, so I handed it to her and went on with what I had been doing. About 10 minutes later I walked back into the room. Amber held up a broken rubber band and said, “You’ll have to put it together, Granddad. I can’t.”

A magician should always be prepared for the unexpected.  I was not prepared! I have often wished that I had been ready with another rubber band in my hand. I would have performed a miracle by taking the broken rubber band and then handing her the “magically restored” rubber band.


Amber was visiting with her father’s mother, who knew Billie from bowling. Amber mentioned that Billie had just celebrated her birthday. Her other granny asked how old Billie was. Billie always said she was 29.

Amber said, “She’s 29.” She thought for a minute with a puzzled look on her face then said, “Uncle Jay is 30.” Jay is one of our sons.


When Amber’s little sister, Brittany, was a baby, Amber became a little worried about our relationship. She said that her little sister had the same last name that we had and she did not. We told her that she should always remember that we CHOSE her as our granddaughter, but her little sister was just born as our granddaughter. We told her we love all of our grandchildren equally and she will be our granddaughter just as long as she wants to be.

Amber also was an excellent soccer player and played in soccer leagues and in school.

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