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Encounters with Wild Dogs

February 9, 2013

A pack of wild dogs (strays) hung out around the dump area, which was at the end of the dirt runway. The pack normally consisted of a dozen or more dogs. We walked the dirt runway and a trail between home and the main road. It was very common to run into the dog pack somewhere along that route. For some reason, the pack never went out on the main road.

I kept a set of clubs at the house and another set by the main road. Whichever way I was going, I would carry a club through the area where I might run into the dog pack. Many a time, I waded into the pack of growling and snarling dogs waving a club and screaming.

I had those dogs buffaloed. They must have thought I was the “big dog.” They didn’t know how scared I really was. But, I knew that if I turned my back and ran, they would be all over me. Luckily, they always ran from me and never bit me.

One morning, I rounded the palmetto bushes near where our manager, Dave, kept his airplane. I met several snarling dogs. The door to Dave’s plane was open and dogs were inside tearing up the upholstery.

I screamed and waded into the snarling dogs. None of them touched me. Dave and his wife, Jane, came running out of their trailer. Dave was nearly sick about the damage to the plane.

Jane came out asking how bad I was hurt. She thought the way I was screaming, I had to be hurt. I had found that a loud scream would scare the dogs. Thank goodness!


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